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5-Star Review of Beacon Plumbing!

Beacon Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical
Last updated 2 years ago

I've been a Beacon customer for many years and I've always thought they were a well run, good plumbing company. But today they totally hit the ball out of the park. Years ago I had a lot of work done and one thing that was done was a replacement valve for my stall shower. The valve was a good one (Wolverine Brass) and I was told I had gotten the Cadillac of valves and that I'd never have any problem with it and that it should last forever. It didn't. Almost from the start there was a VERY slow drip coming from the valve but I never wanted to incur the expense or go to the trouble of having them come out again to fix it. So I just put up with it and the few ounces of water that I wasted every month or three didn't make me feel overly guilty. It was also handy during the winter to keep my pipes from freezing. About a month ago I had some extensive work done to install a clean out valve and have my sewer line cleaned. That was necessary after the sewer line plugged up and we had a small flood. It took two days of constant work to set things right but Beacon was very prompt, very professional, and did a good job for us. And since they were out to my house and since it cost a fortune for the two days of work I thought I'd have the plumber take a look at the shower valve and maybe finally correct the problem. He had trouble getting the cover plate off (the set screw had been stripped and not by me) and he told me that he'd have to come out at another time to fix it since he didn't have the necessary parts and I'm sure he was tired enough from all that work on the sewer pipe. But after he left the dripping got much worse and after a few weeks I'd had enough and called Beacon, told them what had gone on before and that I'd at least like my slow drip back if not a complete fix and that I didn't expect to have to pay for the house call. I think I spoke to Bill and I was AMAZED at his reaction. He told me that he totally understood my frustration and that they would do whatever it took to make things right. He had David the plumber out to the house within 30 minutes and David was an unbelievably competent and nice man. He drilled out the set screw, replaced the valve, replaced the face plate, cleaned up some of the silicone caulk that had been originally applied when the valve was put in years ago, gave me advice about my furnace, and was in and out in no time and at no costs to me. Believe me when I say that Beacon has my business for life. They really went above and beyond the call of duty and I would recommend them to anyone with a plumbing problem.
by erigul at Citysearch


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